With over 100 years of combined professional experience in the reinsurance business, we focus on providing our clients the most competitive quotes from first class reinsurers concentrating our efforts in our client's satisfaction.


To be a distinguished reinsurance brokerage firm that stands out for its integrity, professionalism and loyalty to all our clients, focused to provide irreplaceable benefits with a personalized and prompt response from our highly qualified staff. To always strive for constant growth with an entrepreneurial spirit, committed to the highest quality of service and efficiency with the support of new technologies.

Our Story

Born in San Salvador, El Salvador, Margarita Quijada is a graduate of José Simeón Cañas University, with a degree in Business Administration specialized in the insurance business. Her 35 year remarkable career started started in the Reinsurance Division in "Seguros e Inversiones (SISA)" and later in "Compañía Anglo Salvadoreña de Seguros" as Manager of Reinsurance and Statistics, having also handled at Manager level the Reinsurance Operations in "Aseguradora Popular, S.A.". Being the first woman who came to perform in El Salvador as General Manager of an Insurance Company"La Seguridad Salvadoreña", later associating herself to A&A Reeds Stenhouse LTD developing business in Latin America and Europe. She then was part of the founding team of BIF international LTD where she established excellent mechanisms of client representation, control procedures and account management among some of her most accomplished professional achievements.

Margarita Quijada founded FRS in the United States of America, based in Miami, Florida to provide quick access to the Latin American market. She built a professional and dedicated team of like-minded individuals passionate about providing superior services while maximizing results. In a few years FRS has developed an impressive pool of work and international expansion unrivaled in the Latin American reinsurance market.